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Vehicle Data Recorders

Europa Data Recorder

Europa Data Recorder

The core of a vehicle installation is the data recorder. As standard the Europa Data Recorder includes all the features needed to start recording vehicle activity.

  • CAN interface for speed, rpm and other vehicle signals
  • 10 hard wired inputs
  • 32 input signals can provided via CAN
  • Built-in three axis accelerometers with accident detection algorithm
  • On-board high sensitivity GPS receiver
  • Built-in magnetic direction sensor
  • USB connection for data collection
  • GPRS option for real-time vehicle telematics and automated dispatch
  • WiFi option for low cost, automatic data collection
  • Driver identification option using your existing RFID tags or ...
  • High quality data - can be used in court
  • Full suite of software applications for report generation and data analysis
  • Web based solution available
  • Stand-alone software for large users

Additional hardware options are available including:

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