Claritech Ltd
Vehicle Data Recorders

Accident Investigation


Accident Detection

We have been making vehicle data recorders since 1998. Over the years we have developed a proven accident detection algorithm that is built into the Europa data recorder. The data recorder stores data at 100Hz prior to and during a collision. The total duration of incident data is 60 seconds per incident and up to 25 incidents may be stored on the logger.

Accident Analysis

Our sophisticated incident analysis software allows investigators to analyse the events prior to a collision. The accelerometers can be used to calculate the speed of the vehicle if the wheel speed cannot be relied upon - because the vehicle is skidding


Accident Reconstruction

Using speed calculated from the wheel sensors or from the on-board accelerometers and combining that with data from the gyroscopes and direction sensor allows the investigator to reconstruct the motion of the vehicle. The software can export the motion into an xyz file for import into surveying software.

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